Terms and Conditions

Online Store's terms & conditions:


I. General decisions:

 1. The Seller, running an online store located at the domain  www.locksystem.pl, hereinafter referred to as an „Online Store”, is: LOCKSYSTEM ANDRZEJ STASZEWSKI, Stojadła Kołbielska 2, 05-300, Mińsk Mazowiecki NIP: 1130030632, REGON: 002202363, who is inscribed into the Register of Sellers.

2. Contacting the Store is available via e-mail: biuro@locksystem.pl or by telephone: +48 22 759-57-85, fax: +48 25 759-57-81.

3. The Terms & Conditions state rights and responsibilities of the Customers as well as rights and responsibilities of the Seller as the manager and keeper of the Store.

4. The Terms & Conditions are available in the Polish language version.

5. The Customers are obliged to comply with the author’s economic rights and rights arising from registration of inventions, patents, trademarks, utility and industrial designs.

6. The owner of www.locksystem.pl undertakes to secure processing of personal data of Customers of the Store exclusively for the purpose of diligently completing the contract of sale concluded at a distance. The Privacy Policy is located HERE, it is made available during placing an order and sent in each case in an e- mail with the confirmation of the order.

II. Definitions:

The terms used in the Terms & Conditions have the following meaning respectively:

1. The Store - the online shop operating at: www.locksystem.pl, running sales of products located in its offer.

2. The Owner - LOCKSYSTEM ANDRZEJ STASZEWSKI, Stojadła Kołbielska 2, 05-300 Mińsk Mazowiecki, NIP: 1130030632, REGON: 002202363.

3. The Customer - every subject making purchase at the Shop in accordance to these Terms & Conditions.

4. Customers Account - a field containing data on the ongoing transactions and an instrument used to complete orders placed by the Customer.

5. Newsletter - a service rendered by the Store for the User, which is based on sending them every information about the Store's actions, after the User's voluntary submission of 

their e-mail address, name and surname.

6. The Consumer - a natural person performing a legal act with a seller, not directly related to their economic or professional activity.

7. The Seller - a natural person, a legal person or a unit without legal entity, performing a legal act in their own name within economic or professional activity.

8. Working days - weekdays from Monday to Friday, apart from public holidays.

9. Terms & Conditions - the present document, stating terms and rules of use of the Online Store and purchase of its products.


III. Technical terms of use of the Online Store:

1. In order to use the Store the Customer should have:

  • a device transferring ICT data;
  • access to the Internet;
  • an e-mail address.

2. The Online Store collects information contained in Cookies, which are text files. These files do not save any personal data, they are used in an anonymous way to evaluate a real interest in the service on the Store's websites. Cookies are used to exchange information between the Store and the User, what greatly facilitates the adjustment of the offer to the expectations and preferences of each User of the Online Store. The Customer decides on the usage of the Cookies. Web browsers often by default are set to the ability to install these files on the final device of the Customer, who can at any time change the settings.

3. The Online Store informs that turning off the possibility to use Cookies by the Customer may affect the functionalities available in the Store.

4. Detailed information concerning Cookies are contained in the Privacy Policy of the Cookies, made available at www.locksystem.pl and being an integral part of these present Terms & Conditions.

IV. Registration and Logging in:

1. The Customer in order to create a "Customer's Account" shall register giving their e-mail address and a password using a form.

2. The password entered while logging in to the Store may consist of letters, numbers and/or special symbols. The password is individual for every User. The password may be changed on the web site by entering the e-mail address and a new password.

3. Creating the "Customer's Account" is free of charge.

4. The registration is not a condition to place an order in the Store.

5. The Customer undertakes to give real data.

6. The Customer by an acceptance of the Terms & Conditions submits the following statement:

  • I have joined voluntarily to use the services of the Store,
  • data included in the form are true.

7. The Customer cannot hand over the password to the Customer's Account to third parties.

8. A registered Customer can:

  • access status and history of orders
  • receive individual discounts and promotional vouchers
  • receive information about opportunities to participate in promotions and competitions
  • order a product
  • change their data
  • change their password
  • check their order
  • complete removal of their account

9. After the registration the Customer will receive via the provided e-mail address a link to the website activating the account.

10. Activation enables logging into the system.

11. The Customer cannot purchase, modify nor distribute content, images of logos without a previous consent of an authorized person.

V. Orders' completion

1. The Online Store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, what enables the Customer placing an order at any time, apart from maintenance breaks. The Customer also has the possibility of placing an order in person at the headquarters within the opening hours.

2.  Placing on the Store's website a particular product along with determining its price is not an offer for sale but only an invitation for Purchasers to submit an offer.

3. An order is placed by the Purchaser in an electronic form and constitutes an offer to conclude a contract for the sale of an article placed on the Store's website for a price determined there. The offer submitted in an electronic form binds the Purchaser if the Store immediately confirms it's obtainment.

4. The Online Store confirms obtaining an order with an automatically generated e-mail, which is sent to the Purchaser. The e-mail includes the proposed content of the contract of sale, in particular: number and date of the order, purchased article's data, pricing and method of payment, data of contract parties, destination, method and cost of delivery.

5. If the proposed content of the contract of sales is inconsistent with the order placed by the Purchaser, the Purchaser should without undue delay inform the Store by sending an e-mail with an indication of the noticed discrepancies. The  Online Store, without undue delay will send the Purchaser a rectified content of the proposed contract.

6. The Online Store confirms acceptance of the order for completion by sending the Customer another e-mail. The contract of sales is concluded at the moment of obtainment of this e-mail by the Purchaser.

7. A warranty card of a producer, importer or distributor is attached to the sold article - if a producer, importer or distributor provide warranty on the basis of written warranty card.

8. In case of natural persons the Customers can only be persons possessing full legal capacity.

9. The Customer places an order in the following way:

  • choice of goods made by adding them to the basket;
  • providing data to a register form or logging in, delivery form;
  • choice of a method of payment and delivery
  • confirmation of the order by clicking "order with obligation to pay"
  • sending a confirmation of the order to the Customer's e-mail
  • the order placed in an electronic form will be confirmed no later than within two working days (excluding holidays) from receipt of the order. The confirmation will be sent via e-mail or by telephone.

10. Registered Customers have a possibility to track a status of the order completion.

11. Orders can be placed also without registering on the Store's website by:

  • sending an e-mail to: biuro@locksystem.pl
  • telephone, within working hours of the Store's service calling: +48 25 759-57-85 or fax: +48 25 759-57-81

12. The Customer who will use the methods indicated in point 11., apart from the Store's website has an obligation to read and accept the Terms & Conditions sent by the Store to the provided by the Customer e-mail address.

13. When using one of the methods indicated in point 11., the Customer should enter:

  • name, size and quantity of articles;
  • name and surname of the Recipient;
  • exact delivery address;
  • contact phone number;
  • e-mail address of the Purchaser.

14. The Customer undertakes to provide true data.

15. The confirmation of order sent to the Customer includes:

  • the Store's data including a precise correspondence address, e-mail address and telephone number;
  • the product's description;
  • a unit and a total price of all the articles;
  • the price of the order = total price of the articles + total contract execution costs (among others: payment and delivery);
  • delivery method - including a date when the delivery will take place and, if there are, any restrictions concerning the delivery for e.g. weight or locations;
  • payment method;
  • information about the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days;
  • information about the right to warranty;
  • an annex whith a specimen withdrawal from the contract within 14 days.

16. The Store also allows a personal collection at the company's headquarters. 

VI. Payment methods

1. The Customer has a possibility to make payment for the article by way of the placed order:

  • by bank transfer
  • in cash at the personal collection

2. The User is obligated to provide true data for a VAT invoice.


VII. Prices

1. All of the offers placed in the Store constitute only a noncommittal invitation for the Customer to render a suitable offer for sale.

2. The prices given for the products on the Store's website are given in polish zloty PLN  and they include taxes and fees. Before clicking the "into basket" button, the price of the product  does not include shipping costs nor other additional fees. The shipping costs and costs of made payments are added to the total of ordered products. The Customer is informed before placing an order about additional costs for e.g. associated with packing.

3. The definitive price of the order, binding the Store and the Customer is the price of the article given on the Store's website, before placing the order, along with all the costs associated with completion of the contract.

4. The Information about the total value of the order (along with shipping costs, costs of made payments) is made available before choosing the option 'Order- the transaction with obligation of payment' and is confirmed via an e-mail sent promptly to the e-mail address given by the Customer.


VIII. Delivery

1. The Customer chooses type of delivery from the ones available on the Store's website, which are:

  • courier;
  • personal collection.

2. Delivery time is 30 days unless the delivery date has been settled on individual basis. In case of exceeding the deadline indicated in the previous sentence the consumer has the right to determine additional time. If the product is still not disposed, the Customer may withdraw from the contract.

3. Deliveries are made on workdays, from Monday to Friday. On weekends and non-working days the deliveries are not arranged.

4. The Seller is responsible for the risk of an accidental loss or damage to the article until the point when the Consumer receives it, unless the Consumer has chosen a different type of delivery than the deliveries offered by the Store.

5. At the point of collecting the delivery the Purchaser has a possibility to check the product and in case of any damage draw up a protocol in the presence of the supplier. Drawing up a protocol is not a prerequisite to file a complaint or exercise the right to withdraw from the contract.

6. The products are delivered in Poland and other European Union countries.


IX. The Newsletter service

1. The Newsletter service is about sending any information via e-mail, concerning the Store's activities.

2. The Customer uses the Newsletter service on a voluntary basis.

3. The Customer can use the information transmission service within the Newsletter by entering an e-mail address in the Newsletter's field.

4. An e- mail with the confirmation of the commencement of service rendition along with the information about a possibility to leave the Newsletter service will be sent to the provided by the Customer e-mail address.

5. The Customer at all times has the possibility to opt out of the Newsletter service by submitting a resignation via e-mail or a change in the account settings.


X. The right to withdraw from the contract

The present chapter concerns the Users who use the Store as Consumers.

1. The Consumer can withdraw from the contract without giving any reason by making a relevant statement in any form or, without making a written statement, simply by returning the product within 14 days from the date of its delivery. To comply with this deadline just send a statement/ product before its expiration to the address: LOCKSYSTEM ANDRZEJ STASZEWSKI, Stojadła Kołbielska 2, 05-300 Mińsk Mazowiecki, NIP: 1130030632, REGON: 002202363, e-mail: biuro@locksystem.pl.

2. The Consumer is expressing a will to exercise the right to withdraw from the contract also by returning the article, following the procedures indicated in the 1st sentence of the present chapter.

3. In case of withdrawal from the contract concluded at a distance, the contract is considered  unconcluded. What the parties rendered shall be returned unchanged. The return should take place immediately, no later than within 14 days. The purchased article should be returned to the following address: company LOCKSYSTEM ANDRZEJ STASZEWSKI, Stojadła Kołbielska 2, 05-300 Mińsk Mazowiecki.

4. The direct costs of the return bears the Consumer by reason of the exercise of the rights, unless the Store has agreed to bear them or has not informed the Consumer about their right to withdraw from the contract.

5. In case of the Customer's withdrawal from the contract, the Store will reimburse the price of the product within 14 days from the day of the obtainment of the Consumer's statement. The return shall be made to the bank account indicated by the Consumer. The Store disposes a written certification of the reimbursement of services.

6. The Consumer has an obligation to return the product no later than 14 days from the day they have withdrawn from the contract, unless the seller has offered to collect the product himself. To comply with this deadline just send the product before its expiration.

7. The specimen declaration of withdrawal from the contract is located on the Store's website and is sent in an e-mail along with the confirmation of the order.

8. The right to withdraw from the contract concluded at a distance is not entitled to the Consumer in cases of:

  • services, of characteristics specified in the order by the Consumer, or closely associated with them;
  • services, of which the subjects are products, which due to their nature are made inseparably linked to other products after the delivery;
  • services, which are clearly adjusted to the individual needs of the Consumer.


XI. The consumer's right to warranty:

1. Products offered at the Store are under a 24- month Seller's liability

for inconsistency of the product with the contract. There is a presumption that if the Consumer has reported warranty to the Seller within 12 months from the delivery of the product, the product's defect existed at the time of its disposal.

2. The complaint based on the seller's liability for inconsistency of the product with the contract should be filed by:

  • a letter sent to the following address: LOCKSYSTEM ANDRZEJ STASZEWSKI, Stojadła Kołbielska 2, 05-300 Mińsk Mazowiecki;
  • an e-mail sent to the address: biuro@locksystem.pl
  • a telephone: +48 25 759 57 85, fax: +48 25 759 57 81

3. In the complaint there should be included a precise description of the type of inconsistency, the date of its occurrence, the Consumer's demand should be determined there along with order's number and contact information, what will facilitate the complaints procedure.

4. The Store examines the complaint promptly, at the least in 14 days from the obtainment of the complaint sent by the Customer.

5. In case of lack of information on how to consider the complaint , within the time specified in point 4, the complaint is acknowledged as the one examined in favor of the Customer.                                                                                                       

6. In case of a justified complaint, the Customer may demand bringing the product into the state compliant with the contract, repairing or exchanging the product for a new one free of charge, lowering the price or there is a possibility to withdraw from the contract. The Store will return the equivalent of the total price of the transaction.

The answer to the complaint is sent to the provided by the Customer e-mail address, mailing address.

8. The Store disposes a written certification of the reimbursement of services.

9. An exemplary complaint form is on the website of the order and is attached to the e-mail when confirming the order.

XII. The rules on the processing personal data of the Purchasers.

1. The detailed rules on processing personal data of the Purchasers - natural persons have been determined in the "Privacy Policy", constituting the Annex No.2 of present Terms & Conditions. 


XIII. Others

1. The Terms &Conditions are available at www.locksystem.pl.

2. The Customer has a possibility of reading, downloading the Terms & Conditions content to their device and printing the document.

3.  The Store will amend the decisions of the Terms & Conditions for important reasons having previously informed the Customers by publishing the consolidated text of the Terms & Conditions on the Store's website and sending its content to the e- mail address provided by the Customer. The altered or modified Terms & Conditions shall be binding, after meeting the other conditions provided for by the law, only for legal relations created after the entry into force of the amendments or modifications.

4. Amendments to the Terms & Conditions shall in no way infringe the Customers' acquired rights before the entry into force of the amendments.

5. Any disputes arising from the Terms & Conditions or contracts of sales shall be settled in an amicable manner or by an appropriate general court, subject to paragraph 6.

6. If the Purchaser is not a Consumer, any disputes arising from the Terms & Conditions or contracts of sales shall be settled by an arbitration court or a general court adequate to the Online Store's location.

7. If the Purchaser is NOT a Consumer, the Online Store's liability on account of the warranty is excluded.